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As unlikely as it sounds, the professionals who are working in the IT industry out of enthusiasm and vision to succeed in the entrepreneurial venture started this business in Feb. 2022. The seed of this entrepreneurial vision started while driving the car and looking for a sports facility to spend time during evening hours in the Christmas cold weather. To the team members' surprise, there are no indoor facilities around the Greater Atlanta (Suwanee/Cumming/Alpharetta/Atlanta) region to cover the multi-sports under one roof. This thought started to nurture among the co-founders. Co-founders had the same vision to establish an indoor sports arena covering multi-sports under one climate-controlled environment for the family to have fun and stay healthy. This seeded to start an LLC and register Nets & Turf as a business entity with the State of Georgia.

Why the name – “Nets & Turf”

The name for business was originally a common name, however during discussion it was brought to the table that the name should be a simple, common name that is used across the sports.

The common things across these sports - Badminton, Pickleball, Ping-pong, volleyballare the nets and racquets. The common term across soccer, baseball, cricket is the pitch, however since this is an indoor sport, it will be played on a top-quality indoor turf. Combining the common entries across the sports are Nets and Turf. hence the name "Nets & Turf" - birth of the modern Era of indoor sports.

  • To Promote Modern Indoor Sports for future generations with a successful academy expanded worldwide.
  • The purpose of Nets & Turf shall be promoting the awareness and development of sports and establishing a common network worldwide.
  • To promote participation in sports for life and encourage the growth of athletes, coaches and officials throughout Greater Atlanta and Georgia.
  • To provide a club which offers high quality racket sports and turf provision, coaching, physical activity, and mental development to everyone who steps into the arena. This includes development pathways for complete beginners right through to future national and international players.
  • Its mission is to lead and inspire all stakeholders; to deliver entertainment through exciting events to drive fan experience, and to create innovative, impactful, and sustainable development initiatives.
Our Merchandise Partners

Nets & Turf has engaged successful strategic partnership across various global leaders in the area of sports for the respective business areas.

Nets & Turf engaged in Strategic partnership in 2022 for the sales and distribution of merchandise products in the greater Atlantasub-urban region with the top leading Brands such as

Our IT reliance partner

Nets & Turf has engaged withesteemed partnership with Future I Technologies for the IT development and deployment activities.

Future – I Technology is a subsidiary of Maxpro Technologies Private Limited

Our Stringing partners

Stringing activity needs to be handled with the local, highly qualified skilled vendors for the quality as well with quick turnaroundtime.

Nets & turf engaged the partnership with diversified various local vendors for the quick turnaround time and quality stringing for customers.

Multi-sport indoor facility

Nets & Turf provides a world class indoor sports facility for customers to enjoy with family time and to train young athletes with quality training/coaching. The world-class training provided in Badminton, Table-Tennis and Pickleball. Our services include sports training/coaching for both professional and recreational athletes.

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